“Waking Up Now” beautifully encapsulates our entire ascension process. Bringing that Divine Feminine down through us to lift the density, yet anchor us to the New Earth. We, with HER, set our lives and hearts free. Jenna’s beautiful words and voice bring this human evolution home. Amazing!

Tia, Healer & Ascension Guide, Tucson, AZ

I love this album 🙂 I'm always glad when I find gems like this one, and I am also glad to find an original artist who can write and sing as well. A part of my problem with a lot of modern music is that it is painfully over produced, that is not the case with Jenna Longmire; she is a real deal singer song writer, and that is truly refreshing! I definitely recommend Resistance, enjoy!

J. Doyle,

Jenna Longmire got her resistance and now you can have it too.  Her debut release of music that makes you think and feel is refreshing and needed in today’s world. Resistance is comprised of 12 sweet tracks that resonate with the listener on all levels.  Each song is unique in their own way, and that's why the album as a whole works so well. Before you check Resistance out - and you definitely should - take some time to take a further look into it.

Donna Nolan-Wilson,

"Jenna Longmire’s debut album, Resistance, is a collection of beautiful and sophisticated pop gems in the tradition of Joni Mitchell and Carole King, held together with uplifting and unifying themes like being grounded and resilient in the face of interpersonal tensions and other challenges. Jenna’s raspy vocal style is highly alluring and shines throughout, accompanied by tasteful, stripped down instrumentation that highlights both her singing and piano playing. Highlights include the opening and closing tracks, Resistance and Sweet Relief, along with the Americana radio-friendly Sideways Rain at the midway point of the album. Nothing superficial or derivative here, Jenna Longmire is the real deal and sounds like nobody else."

Warren "Cat" Catlett, Radio Free Americana,