Music, Vision, and Newest Song, “Waking Up Now”

Music has been with me since before I was born and is who I am at my core. I started writing and performing later in life but I always played, first piano, then guitar. In my 20’s I wrote my first prayer/chant and sang it over and over as tears streamed down my face. That was the moment I learned to use my voice as medicine for my soul. I also write poems, blogs, mystical curriculum, and memoirs. I have an over 20-year career as a psychotherapist and healer. Add my own tosses and tumbles to all of that witnessing while living largely and I’ve got fodder for songs for many years to come. The last few songs I’ve written are about my personal awakening during this time of great unrest and radical change. “Waking Up Now” is a song about the Divine Feminine spiritual awakening. I hope to assist in ushering in this way of living from the heart in truth and beauty. Sacred Roots Music is part of the vision of the Tree of Life Mystery School,, an online community for seekers of the Mystery. I found a way to blend my artistry and voice with my spiritual service to humanity. Sacred Roots songs and chants follow themes of the mystical. They are earth-based “New Earth gospel”, as well as songs of seeking, longing, and awakening. The video images for “Waking Up Now” were taken over the last couple of months, Oct/Nov 2021, at the Forgotten Coast of Florida, the Tallahassee Lichgate tree, and Trials at Fontanel, Whites Creek, TN. I hope this song opens your heart like it did mine, a good kind of cracking open. 

Waking Up Now credits

Songwriter: Jenna Longmire

Jenna Longmire: vocals and keys

John Painter: producer, guitar, bass, horns

Bobby Huff: drums

Emily Dodson: lyric video

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