Happy hot hot lazy summer…..

I’m reflecting back since I send out an update and can’t believe that 5 months have passed! I have intentionally slowed down quite a bit this summer considering the events over the past almost year and a half since the accident. I am also coming upon the anniversary of my Dad’s unexpected passing. Time to pause and reflect.

Prince’s sudden death in April impacted me a lot. I had a special trip planned to France with my sister for the end of May. I was determined to give myself the gift of rest, reflection, and no self-inflicted pressure.  I'll be posting more about that trip later.

Gratefully, the musical muse continues to flow. In April of this year I released my first official music video of “Can’t Hold It In” and was very happy with the outcome. I was moved by the generous offerings of people and their time and talents to make it happen.  That video is already posted here on my site.

On my YouTube channel, you’ll find other video taken of live performances at a writer’s round in early June at the Commodore. I have also released a couple of lyric videos, Next Time, in May, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl7viloLf3o and just recently Sweet Relief, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5ZJ0XWBy0w.

It will be 2 years this month since the original release date of Resistance. Due to the accident, which prevented me from promoting the album, it was re-released again in November 2015. Thank you for continuing to share Resistance with others.

I cannot wait to share new songs with you!! It has been a rich year for writing material and I look forward to recording the next project. I am grateful for your continued support and encouragement to keep making music.

Blessings to you hot ones!

My sister Ali and I dining in Aix-En Provence.

My sister Ali and I dining in Aix-En Provence.

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