Greetings and Happy first day of Fall!

How is everyone holding up? I love the fall and this turn in the yearly cycle. I know it’s been a few years, (a little over 3 to be exact) since I sent out a newsletter when I released my last single, "The God I Knew." Since then, well, what can I say... It’s been a lot of awakening, change, loss, and transformation for many of us I'm sure. Here are the cliff notes to catch you up:

In 2019, I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, so that took most of the year to get through treatment and recover just in time to put my 12-year-old Catahoula leopard dog down, Breck. She was my best buddy. After that, Nashville got hit by a tornado and you all know the rest of the story. Although 2020 was traumatic on a global level, personally I was answering a deep calling. I had been given the precursor wake-up call a year earlier and feeling EXTREMELY grateful for my early detection. More awakening had begun and creativity accelerated during the pandemic.

Breck, my best buddy! Always an angel.

During the quarantine time in the spring of 2020, I gave up my studio where I had my private practice and moved everything online. I had been trying to figure out a way to change careers, move into my spiritual work fully, and have more energy for music. I saw this as a major nudge from the Universe. I closed my psychotherapy practice after 18 years in Nashville and opened the Tree of Life Mystery School. If you are a mystical seeker, an earth-based spiritualist, or just curious, please check us out! 

Now for the music! 

Part of the Tree of Life Mystery School I plan to develop is called "Sacred Roots Music." It’s gospel for a New Earth!

Sacred Roots Music is music inspired by the Divine. "The God I Knew" was inspired by a bible verse, so I’m what you call an all-inclusive spiritualist! Don’t tell me what to believe, and I will do the same... although I’m sharing my beliefs more openly now. There are many paths to meeting the Divine and I’m ready to sing about it.  The music I am writing and envisioning for this project are songs to celebrate the earth, her cycles, and elemental gifts. Some songs are about human longing and awakenings. Singing, dancing, making music, creating ceremony and art together: This has always been at the core and center of human spiritual practices. We used our voices to honor the ancestors, invoke the gods and goddesses, celebrate the Earth and the Great Mystery. 

This is my plan! I’m back in the studio recording with producer, John Painter, and hope to release a string of singles starting with "I’m Waking Up Now," a song about the Divine Feminine awakening that is occurring now on our planet. 

I love being able to integrate music into my work. I love knowing I can create something that has never been created before like a song. There are no two alike. Thank you for sticking with me on my journey! Here are a couple of chants we recorded during the pandemic with artist MELD singing background vocals on "Spiral River."

You can listen to "Resistance" and the 2 singles I have released since then on Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon OR donate a minimum of $1 to cover postage to TOLMS and I will mail you a physical copy of the "Resistance" CD!

If you have a heart for what I’m doing, I will graciously accept donations through the Tree of Life Mystery School website by clicking here. As always, thanks for listening to the music.

Happy Birthday to J-Daddy who would have been 79 today! Love you and miss you!

Be free, be you, be wild!



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